About us

BUSINESS RESOURCES company began its activity in 2006 and today successfully solves the tasks of hiring General and Functional directors, as well as middle managers, using the Executive Search technology.
We have many years of successful experience in confidential search and headhunting, we work efficiently and quickly. We value and save the time of our customers by providing the most relevant candidates.
We are confidently competing with international Executive Search companies in Ukraine, having a strong expertise in the labor market and working in accordance with international standards.
We respect our candidates, therefore, we do not waste their time proposing and discussing positions that they obviously will not fit. We give honest feedback.


History of the company Business Resources was founded in 2006 in the period of rapid economic growth, when companies working within Ukraine, urgently needed not only the administrators, but also the professional talented middle managers.

Nataliia Kozynska, who was then an experienced HR Manager and Professional Advisor for Executive Search projects closure within Ukraine, was appointed Head of Business Resources. Being well-informed about the requirements of HR market, she has combined the advanced consulting technologies and individual approach to each client in the framework of Business Resources, having provided the Management Selection services (selection of middle staff managers, highly qualified executives and key specialists) at the highest level.

In 2008, despite for the world crisis, Business Resources not only held its ground, but also offered a new service to its clients – Executive Search (search of Senior Executives).

In 2010 the company expanded its activity, opening a new course – International Executive Search (international search of Senior Executives).

BUSINESS RESOURCES has expanded its expertise in the field of search for technical talents (IT Executive Search), and also successfully completes Executive Search and Headhunting projects of any complexity, competing with international Executive Search companies in Ukraine, having a strong expertise in the labor market and working in accordance with international standards.

There are no casual people in our company. Each one of us loves his/ her profession, possesses a successful experience in this industry, a thorough understanding of industrial specificity of the client’s business and fundamental knowledge of market of the candidates in various activity areas. We conduct our operations with International Executive Search Standards (AESC), which guarantees a high level of the quality of our services.

Our company has more than 100 000 CV of professional managers and administrators, we have improved business ties in business community, which allows us to successfully close the difficult, unique positions in Ukraine and outside it. Among our clients there are well-known international companies and corporations, leaders in their industries. We are proud of the fact that over 14 years of operation our company has acquired a unique experience, and also has earned a sustained reputation and the trust of our customers.

Nataliia Kozynska
Business Resources – is a reliable partner in search of personnel for your business!


Experience, passion for our dedication and desire to be the best ones have united the Business Resources’ team to help our clients to develop their business and become stronger, finding successful and effective executives and managers.

Values of the company

Responsibility for the result

Striving for success

Improvement and self-development


Benefits of working with us:

  1. We work with difficult, confidential and unique projects.
  2. We work without limits, performing the international search.
  3. We understand the peculiarities of business in various branches and offer the solutions alongside the vision and tasks of our clients.

Business Resources guarantees:

  1. Performing of search to until we get 100% result.
  2. Non-disclosure of confidential information and commercial secret of our clients.
  3. Free shift, if the candidate is dismissed in the probation period.