CEO of Farmak Zhebrovska resigned

Filya Zhebrovskaya , the CEO of Ukraine’s leading pharmaceuticals producer Farmak is going to leave the company. General Director of pharmaceutical company Farmak Filya Zhebrovskaya decided to change the profile of activities and leave her position.

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According to her words, now the company is forming a supervisory board, which will include five members. “There will be two more people with me who worked at Farmak – Technical Director and Marketing Director, who also leave positions. I hope colleagues will choose me as the chairman of the supervisory board,” she said.

Asked who would become the new head of Farmak, Zhebrovskaya replied that it would be a person with experience in the foreign pharmaceutical market.

The new manager of the company became ex-top-manager of the Czech pharmaceutical company Zentiva Augustine Dubnichka.