Executive Search

This practice is responsible for selection of the senior and middle managers of the companies
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IT Executive Search

We will find Senior + and C-level executives for product IT companies
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General Recruitment

The General Recruitment Practice is responsible for selection of the middle staff and unique specialists
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Executive Coaching

This Practice is a counselling program for those executives and managers who haven’t looked for job for a long time
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Experience, passion for our dedication and desire to be the best ones have united the Business Resources’ team to help our clients to develop their business and become stronger, finding successful and effective executives and managers.

Areas of activity

  • IT-technologies

    Main lines of the selection:

    • C-Level
    • Python Developers
    • Java Developers
    • JavaScript Developers
    • Full Stack Developers
    • Front End Developers
    • PHP Developers
    • Angular Developers
    • Node JS Developers
    • Android Developers
    • iOS Developers
    • C++ Developers
    • NET Developers
    • Data Science
  • Industry and production

    Main lines of the selection:

    • Director General
    • Chief Operations Officer
    • Chief Technical Officer
    • Procurement Director
    • Director for Logistics
    • Chief Engineer
    • Occupational Safety and Ecology Engineer
    • Quality Control Director
  • Agriculture

    Main lines of the selection:

    • Deputy Director for Production of Agro-Industrial Holding
    • Director of the Sugar Mill
    • Director for Production of Mixed Fodder
    • Director of the Poultry Factory
    • Director General of the Crushing Plant
    • Crop Production Division Manager
    • Chief Engineer of Agricultural Holding
    • Elevators Division Manager
    • Chief Veterinary Officer
    • Chief Agronomist
  • Consumer goods and Retail

    Main lines of the selection:

    • Director General
    • Chief Commercial Officer/Chief Sales Officer
    • Divisional/Regional/Territorial Sales Manager
    • Director of Marketing
    • Brand Manager/Product Manager
    • Trade Marketing Manager/BTL Manager
    • Supply Chain Director/ Manager
    • Procurement Director/ Manager


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